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Do you want to get your loved one out of the Salt Lake Utah Metro jail immediately?

If you’ve just received a call that someone close to you has been arrested and is in the Salt Lake Metro Jail. Once all the processing at the jail has been complete, the person is given the option to bail out, which involves a sum of money that can range anywhere between $100 and $100,000. So, they will need a reliable third party to contact a Salt Lake City bail bonds agent who will act as a cosigner upon the person’s release from jail.

Salt Lake Bail Bonds Company * (801) 268-2000

Xtreme Bail Bonds makes it simple and easy for everyone. You can do it from any location in a matter of minutes. We also will take 5% down on approved credit to get your loved one out of jail.  Give Xtreme Bail Bonds a call now at (801) 268-2000.

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